Тренінги Фонду 24.02
A two-day training for journalists "Work in conditions of war" was held
This weekend was very busy. Over two days of intensive training, more than 30 Ukrainian journalists learned how to survive in a hostile environment, provide first aid to themselves and their colleagues, and emergency evacuation from under fire.

In practice, they worked out exercises and tactical behavior, immediately applying a huge array of new information accessible and presented by trainers from the volunteer rescue organization MotoHelp.
Tactical and medical training of Ukrainian journalists is necessary for their safety.
Just like a bulletproof vest or helmet.
They listened to almost 10 hours of lectures, thanks to which they learned how to protect critical information on digital media and assess risks before going on a mission to a combat zone.
Thanks to our friends Iryna Chulivska from Laboratory of digital security and Anton Skyba for sharing their experiences.
Thanks to the colleagues and partners of the Rory Peck Trust for providing super-stocked tactical first-aid kits for all participants and for helping to organize the training!

The 24.02 Fund aims to increase the number and frequency of training to share vital knowledge with as many colleagues as possible.
Your safety is our priority!