Journalism Emergency Fund.
For those brave boys and girls who make the war in Ukraine visible. 📸🪖
24.02 Fund 🇺🇦
Freedom needs eyes
To date: 10 journalist killed, 26 wounded
What reporters need and what we buy for them
🛡️ Bulletproof vests
🪖 Helmets
❤️ IFAKs
🚗 Fuel coupons (if available)
📡 Satellite phones
⚡ Diesel generators
🤙 Walkie-talkies
🏡 Help to relocate for journalists' families (to Estonia)
Avg. price for the kit of vest(IIIA)+helmet = ~$860; IFAK = ~$170; sat phone = ~$700
The truth needs eyes!
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On February 24, Russia began a full-scale war against Ukraine and, without exaggeration, against all of Europe. Since then, the Russian army has been launching missile and artillery strikes every day against residential neighborhoods, critical and military infrastructure - and Russian President has been threatening the world with nuclear weapons. Every day hundreds of innocent civilians and military personnel are killed and civilians and defenders are injured in Ukraine.

Reporters are no exception, they are not hiding, they are always on the front lines.

We, a community of journalists, photographers, cameramen and editors working in Ukraine, founded the 24.02 Foundation to help equip reporters and newsrooms with the necessary equipment, vehicles and protective gear.

Financial and operational administration of the fund is done by the editorial team of Zaborona Media, an independent news outlet based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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Fell free to contact us. We are open for all types of collaboration.
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