Life-Saving Training
2402 Fund Launches Series of Tactical Medicine and Safety Training Videos for Journalists
The Fund for Urgent Support of Journalists 2402 created a practical video course on tactical medicine and security according to the standards of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee of the US Department of Defense.
The course consists of 16 training videos and will touch on the most important topics and skills that must be mastered to work and survive in a hostile environment. Namely, how to examine a victim according to the MARCH protocol, what types of tourniquets exist, and how to apply them correctly. At the training, journalists will be taught to stop bleeding with tamponade, check the patency of the respiratory tract, apply occlusive stickers and Israeli bandages, and evacuate the wounded.
Compliance with the recommendations outlined in the course will help save the lives of media workers and their colleagues working in the war zone.
Certified trainers will teach the practical video course - first aid and tactical medicine instructors, volunteers of the public organization "Motohelp" Dmytro Gladyshevskyi and "Tigra." The course is a continuation of HEFAT trainings, which are conducted monthly by trainers of the 2402 Fund. The video lessons were created with the financial support of the Czech organization People in Need within the framework of the SOS Ukraine initiative.
The first three videos are free on the 24.02 Fund YouTube channel and the Fund's social networks. Each subsequent episode will be released every Friday.
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This is life-saving training!