Human rights defender and Nobel laureate Oleksandra Matviichuk has joined the 2402 Foundation as a member of the Advisory Board. The Foundation promotes safety standards, risk assessment, and self-help as fundamental knowledge for society in Ukraine and worldwide.
Oleksandra Matviichuk is a Ukrainian human rights defender who heads the civil rights organization "Center for Civil Liberties" and also coordinates the work of the initiative group "Euromaidan SOS."

The activities of the Center for Civil Liberties are aimed at protecting human rights and establishing democracy in Ukraine. After the beginning of new armed aggression in February 2022, Oleksandra Matviichuk together with other partners created the "Tribunal for Putin" initiative in order to document international crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in all regions of Ukraine which became the targets of attacks of the Russian Federation.
Since the start of the full-scale invasion, the 2402 Foundation has been providing body armor, helmets, tactical medical kits, communication tools, and HEFAT safety training for journalists working in dangerous environments. The Foundation has already trained and equipped approximately 500 individuals.
«Freedom, including freedom of speech, in my opinion, is the foundation of democracy. However, neither freedom nor guaranteed human rights are given. Each one of us, be it human rights defenders, journalists, politicians, or citizens, makes choices every day that determine our collective future. Our role now is to do everything to ensure our future is safe, democratic, and Ukrainian»,
- says Oleksandra Matviichuk about her decision to join the Advisory Board of the 2402 Foundation.
In October 2023, the 2402 Foundation announced an expansion of its activities to provide assistance not only to journalists but also to all those working in conflict zones (including areas affected by lethal weapons) and front-line regions. The Foundation will offer support to humanitarian workers, war crime documentarians, human rights defenders, and volunteers. To facilitate this, an extended program of training sessions will be introduced.

The main goal of the 2402 Foundation for the coming year is to educate people on survival in challenging conditions and make knowledge and safety skills a fundamental value for everyone living and working in Ukraine. Therefore, the plan is to train at least 100 individuals per month, totaling 1200 individuals per year.
In addition to Oleksandra Matviichuk, the Advisory Board of the 2402 Foundation includes: Olga Rudneva, co-founder of the Superhumans center; Pulitzer Prize-winning director and documentarian Mstyslav Chernov, Ukrainian journalist and chief producer of news broadcasting at Suspilne, Angelina Karyakina; Deputy Director of Emergencies at the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Kerry Paterson; Executive Director of ACOS Alliance, Elisabet Cantenys; and Christian Boris, founder of Saint Javelin.