2402 Foundation appeals to the international audience on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day – Ukrainian journalists need first aid kits!

Today, on 3 May, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day during Difference Day in Brussels, the founders of 2402 Foundation officially announced a fundraiser for tactical first aid kits for Ukrainian journalists

Since the beginning of the 2402 Foundation's activity, the main mission has been to provide journalists with first aid kits and all the necessary equipment to work in dangerous conditions. Every day, the need and requests for first aid kits from journalists are growing and, unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to meet these needs.

The security situation in Ukraine is very tense at the moment. More and more media workers are going to work in the war zone - this is their mission. And the Foundation's mission is to provide these people with self-defence and first aid equipment. After all, a first aid kit is a basic personal protection that should be available to anyone and everyone who makes war visible. However, most Ukrainian media workers cannot afford this protection. That is why we have asked all 2402 Foundation training graduates, media professionals and public figures to sign an official appeal document and express their agreement and solidarity with the launch of a major fundraising campaign to purchase first aid kits. It was with this document that the founders of the 2402 Foundation addressed the international community during a speech in Brussels on Difference Day to call on everyone to support our fundraising and help journalists in their work mission.

The statement was signed by:

Kateryna Sergatskova, journalist, co-founder, and leader of 2402 Foundation

Roman Stepanovych, producer, media manager, co-founder of 2402 Foundation

Dmytro Hladyshevskyi, lead trainer of tactical medicine and first aid at 2402 Foundation, certified paramedic, and volunteer at MotoHelp

Iryna Pryhor, Journalist, social activist and ambassador of the 2402 Foundation

Brendan Hoffman, Journalist, freelancer

Inna Varenytsia, war correspondent, freelancer

Olga Ivashchenko, Journalist, freelancer

Sergey Melnitchenko, media practitioner, Zaborona Media

Lina Kushch, social activist, First secretary of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine

Sergiy Tomilenko, social activist, Head of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine

Serhii Voloshyn, war correspondent, Freelance/AeroVokzal

Oryna Legashchova, journalist, Suspilne Sport

Oleksandra Zborovska, Media practitioner, freelance photographer

Maksym Kovtoniuk, journalist,\

Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, War correspondent, Babylon 13

Oleksandr Naselenko, war correspondent, Christian Science Monitor

Nadiia Puchkina, marketing

Oleg Marchuk, war correspondent, Ukrainer

Johana Kotisova, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Olena Rovenchuk, journalist, Starlight media (програма Вікна - СТБ)

Volodymyr Cheppel, War correspondent, Freelance/Ukrainer

Oleksandr Khrapach, journalist, TV Channel «Kyiv»

Victoria Veselovska, Journalist, «TAK TV»

Andrii Bystrov, media practitioner, "Ukrainska pravda"

Anastasiia Palchyk, journalist,

Karina Volovidnyk, journalist, ТРК Київ 24

Yurii Shulika, Managing Director of Yuriy Shulika Law Office

Ivan Saiuk, journalist, «Kyivske slovo» Newspaper

Vadym Ilkov, cinematographer

Albina Karman, journalist, freelancer

Maksym Stryzhevskyi, media practitioner, Fixer for foreign media in Ukraine

Veronika Moroz, journalist, Suspilne Uzhhorod

Oleg Veremeenko, Lawyer, human rights activist, journalist

Andrii Boiko, war correspondent, People in Need

Khrystyna Havryliuk, journalist, Ukraine's Public Broadcaster Suspilne

Dasha Vovk, journalist, freelance

Viktoriia Kravchuk, war correspondent, GRUNT

Igor Baluev, private entrepreneur

Sofiia Cholas, war correspondent, «RADA» TV Channel

Illia Tolstov, media practitioner, Freelance, Media Producer

Anton Kudinov, Fixer

Artemii Karpenko, journalist,

Anastasia Mantach, media practitioner, UA:PBC

Olena Savchenko, journalist, «Interfax-Ukraine» News Agency

Serhii Uchen, war correspondent, А2062

Serhii Lastochka, media practitioner, freelancer

Oksana Voloshenuk, Institute of Screen Arts

Vladyslav Musienko, journalist, Freelancer

Maksym Trebukhov,

Viktoriia Kalimbet, journalist, Frontliner

Fernando Levinski, journalist, Brazil

Mykola Pastukh, journalist, Hromadske

Oleksii Pasiuha, media practitioner, Vorskla newspaper from Velykyi Pysariv

Lesia Babkina, journalist, Pectoral Media Centre LLC

Iryna Kyporenko, freelancer/producer

Kateryna Zlobani, social activist, Office of the Ombudsman of Ukraine

Illia Puntusov, media practitioner, NV

Oleksandr Nazarets, journalist, Lubny TV studio, Lubny radio, volunteer project "FROM HANDS TO HANDS"

Oleksandra Yefymenko, journalist, Hromadske radio

Viacheslav Holovchenko, journalist, "Hubernskyi tyzhden"

Oleksiy Ivanchenkov, war correspondent, 5 channel

Vasyl Levenets, journalist, Independent journalist

Nataliia Sirobab, Freelance, journalist

Mykola Tymchenko, journalist,

Anna Steblovska, journalist, Rubryka

Iryna Semenyaka, Freelancer

Sergii Mukaieliants, media practitioner, Freelancer

Dmytro Kovalchuk, media practitioner, France 24

Maksym Zavtura, journalist, News Agency "Novy Region"

Dzvinka Pinchuk, war correspondent, freelancer

Iryna Dmytrieva, journalist, D1 TV Channel

Vladyslav Malko, journalist, LLC "Television company "Privat TV DNIPRO"

Olena Cherkun, journalist, freelancer

Julia Smirnova, social activist, Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Liudmyla Pryimachuk, journalist, Kurier Galicyjski

Vitaliy Kokhan, journalist, UNIAN News Agency

Anastasiia Vorobiova, International humanitarian organisation

Olena Solomonova, war correspondent, PAP/ Odessa Online

Dariia Solodovnyk, journalist, ITV media group

Kateryna Tiahlo, social activist, INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEUR

Anastasiia Bereza, journalist, Media Striy

Oksana Lymar, journalist, freelancer, editor of the Visti Kombinatu newspaper

Tetiana Luchynska, media practitioner, MAYAK MEDIA LTD.

Serhii Korovayny, journalist, Freelance Photographer

Andrii Dubchak, war correspondent, Frontliner

Olena Grom, journalist, documentary photographer, freelancer

Andrii Zhyhailo, journalist,

Oskar Hallgrimsson, war correspondent Ukraine, frontline

Nataliya Ryaba, journalist,

Zee Upitis, media practitioner, Configure//Disfigure

Serhii Kovaliov, media practitioner, Ukraїner

Svitlana Khalimonenko, war correspondent, Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ani Saakyan, fixer

Anastasiia Sapon, media practitioner, Freelance for The New York Times and Wall Street journal

Vadym Tomashevskyy, journalist, AFP

Oksana Ivanets, war correspondent, ІА ArmyInform

Ihor Tokar, journalist, Krym.Realii (Radio Liberty project)

Evgen Vasyiev, ZMINA Human Rights Centre

Kostiantyn Melnykov, war correspondent, "Fakty", ICTV

Vladyslav Kruhlov, war correspondent, ТК ICTV

Yurii Ostapchuk, media practitioner, Slm news

Evhen Titov, journalist, Freelancer based in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Svatlana Pashenko, journalist, Vinnychchyna TV and Radio Company

Victor Zelenkov, journalist, TV ICTV

Oleg Tsymbaliuk, media practitioner, Tov slm news

Dmytro Matviienko, journalist, ICTV

Dmytro Tiazhlov, NGO IndiMediaPolicy, Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University

Mariia Yaremchuk, journalist, Newspaper "Sector Action"

Oleksandr Rebenchuk, war correspondent, 1+1 media

Khrystyna Velychanska, journalist, ICTV

Oksana Mykhailova, journalist, ICTV

Kostiantyn Yaremenko, war correspondent, Field producer, freelance

Nataliia Kulyk-Dovhun, journalist, Fakty ICTV

Nastya Tkach, journalist, "Dnipro operatyvnyi"

Yuliia Didеnko, media practitioner, Head of the NGO "DII" ("Democratic Information Initiative")

Dmytro Larin, war correspondent, Ukrainska pravda

Olena Vanina, journalist, TSN 1+1 (Kherson office)

Maryna Savchenko, journalist, New Day newspaper (NewDay ua)

Ivan Baboshyn, journalist, New newspaper – Europe

Oleh Kornienko, war correspondent TV ICTV

Angelina Kariakina, journalist, Suspilne, PIJL

Larisa Kalik, journalist, Scena9

Ruslan Khalapov, journalist, UA:PBC

Ruslan Fedotov, media practitioner, FujiTV, RSI (Radio Swiss Italy) - fixer /producer

Sasha – Maslov, journalist, Freelance photographer

Iryna Bezuhlova, social activist, CF Ukraine for children