2402 Foundation officially became a member of the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)
The GFMD is one of the most effective media development initiatives in the world, uniting more than 199 member organizations and numerous partners, working together to foster media development, freedom of the press and support for journalism worldwide

Kateryna Sergatskova, co-founder of 2402 Foundation, said:
“We are pleased to join GFMD and work together with other member organizations to improve the state of freedom of speech, security, democratic values and sustainable development. Membership in GFMD will give us the opportunity to receive support and the best expertise from around the world for the development of media and civil society in Ukraine, as well as to share our experience. In particular, to tell what was effective for Ukraine and what can be used in the rest of the world, from the Americas to the Middle East.”

About GFMD

The forum is a global network that unites organizations working to develop media, protect freedom of speech and support journalism. The GFMD has an international media policy and advisory center, GFMD IMPACT, which is key to coordinating and exchanging information among media support actors.

GFMD IMPACT gathers all stakeholders for an open, transparent and constructive dialogue about what works and what doesn't work in media development. The Center also responds to support requests from donors and others by commissioning research, conducting surveys, and creating policy briefs. In case of emergency situations and crises, GFMD IMPACT acts as a coordinator and information exchange.

GFMD also encourage the evaluation of media development activities as a way to identify and promote best practices, methods and technologies. The organization acts as the institutional memory of the sector, curating and sharing the knowledge created by its members and partners.

We believe that collective action, cooperation and solidarity are essential for the survival of democracy and freedom. 2402 Foundation and GFMD together strive to achieve the strengthening of media and civil society in Ukraine and worldwide.
The main goal of the 2402 Foundation is to teach how to survive in difficult conditions and make safety knowledge and skills a fundamental value for everyone who lives and works in Ukraine. We have launched a large-scale fundraiser to purchase 400 first aid kits for Ukrainian journalists!
The amount of money raised is $60,000. Join the great mission!

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