Assignment Safety Checklist
for journalists and editors
The universal form for assessing risks before a dangerous assignment
This practical tool, developed with security professionals and freelance journalists, should become one of the mandatory stages of preparation for performing tasks in dangerous environments.
The 2402 Foundation and the ACOS Alliance have developed a checklist to help newsroom editors, journalists, and freelancers consider and negotiate all possible security risks before a dangerous assignment.
ACOS Alliance — is an unprecedented coalition of 130 news organisations, freelance journalist associations and press freedom NGOs working together to champion safe and responsible journalistic practices.
The Assignment Safety Checklist enables you to:
  • To prepare basic documents
  • To assess the risks
  • To make a communication plan
  • To collect the necessary information for insurance
  • To make an emergency evacuation plan
  • To calculate costs and compensation
The checklist is freely available. You can download it in
Your safety is our priority!