The 2402 Foundation held a VR workshop where journalists learned key survival skills in dangerous conditions
How VR technologies help journalists cope with dangers: Feedback from participants of the 2402 Foundation's safety workshop

On May 23, an innovative security workshop organized by the founders of the 2402 Foundation, Kateryna Sergatskova and Roman Stepanovych, took place in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The event was attended by journalists, editors and media managers and was aimed at teaching key survival skills in dangerous conditions. The workshop featured the use of VR technologies that allowed participants to get as close to reality as possible.

Participants were placed in various scenarios that modeled potential dangers that journalists may face in the course of their professional duties. Thanks to VR, they could feel themselves in conditions as close to real as possible, and learn to make quick and informed decisions.

Kateryna Sergatskova, emphasized the importance of providing media workers with practical skills for working in dangerous conditions:

"Journalists often find themselves in the midst of events where they have to work in risky conditions. Our workshops help them to be prepared for challenges and understand how to improve their own safety and the safety of others."

During the networking session after the workshop, participants shared their impressions and emphasized the usefulness of the skills they had acquired:

"The scenario was very realistic, and it helped me realize how important it is to take safety measures when reporting problematic events," said one participant.

"It's always good to be reminded of what you need to do for digital security. It will help in a critical moment. There are many ways to keep information and people safe, we need to remember them. "

"It was great. You can teach and learn much easier."

The 2402 Foundation's safety workshop was a vivid example of the use of innovative technologies to improve the level of journalists' training to work in dangerous conditions.

We continue to work to ensure that journalists are prepared for the challenges they face working in the war zone. We urge all media professionals to take part in HEFAT and First Aid Combo trainings to improve their level of training and work confidently in conditions of potential or real danger.
The main goal of the 2402 Foundation is to teach how to survive in difficult conditions and make safety knowledge and skills a fundamental value for everyone who lives and works in Ukraine. We have launched a large-scale fundraiser to purchase 400 first aid kits for Ukrainian journalists!
The amount of money raised is $60,000. Join the great mission!

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