Dear colleagues, we are proud of your dedication, courage, and endurance. It is an honor for us to protect, help and support you in the most complex and crucial task - revealing the truth about the war in Ukraine to the whole world. We have been doing it since 2022, we are doing it in 2023, and we will continue to do it as long as there is a need.

In the meantime, on the occasion of Journalist's Day, we report on the activities of the 2402 Fund for the first five months of this year.
The Advisory Council of the 2402 Fund was created, which is already helping to develop strategic directions and increase practical, professional assistance to journalists in Ukraine.

Council members Elisabet Cantenys, Christian Borys, Angelina Kariakina, Mstyslav Chernov, Olga Rudneva, and Kerry Paterson are brilliant professionals in their field - they advise, give expert assessment and professional advice on various areas of the Foundation's work. Thanks to the unique experience of each member of the Council and fruitful cooperation with the Foundation's team, we are already working on specific ways to solve the problem of journalists' safety and new projects designed to support Ukrainian media workers.
The 2402 Fund and ACOS Alliance held the first free online workshop in Ukraine by the vice president of corporate security of The New York Times, Jason Reich, for editors of Ukrainian newsrooms.

The workshop participants were armed with proven methods of team preparation for a mission in a hostile environment, emergency communication with journalists during the execution of an editorial task, and control of a possible critical situation in which the team may find itself. We received a security checklist developed by the 2402 Fund and the ACOS Alliance under Ukrainian conditions.
We have developed a security checklist for Ukrainian newsrooms and the ACOS Alliance.

This is a checklist to help newsroom editors, journalists, and freelancers ensure that they consider and negotiate all potential security risks before deploying to a combat zone. This practical tool, developed with security professionals and freelance journalists, should become one of the mandatory stages of preparation for performing tasks in dangerous environments.

The checklist you can download here.
We have conducted the HEFAT training for journalists working in war conditions.

Thirty Ukrainian photo and video journalists, reporters, fixers, and editors were provided with fully equipped tactical first-aid kits; they taught how to provide first aid to themselves and a colleague, evacuate from shelling, and distinguish between types of mines and how to avoid them. After completing the training, media workers will correctly assess the risks before going on a mission to a combat zone and reliably protect important information on digital media.

We launched a practical video course on tactical medicine and safety for journalists, which reached more than 3,000,000 viewers and collected more than 800,000 views on YouTube and the Fund's social networks.

Creating a course based on the standards of the Tactical Combat Casualty Committee of the US Department of Defense with MotoHelp trainers, we understood that these recommendations would help save the lives of media workers and their colleagues working in the combat zone. And the number of views and the video's coverage scale again confirm the necessity and need for training in first aid and survival in combat conditions.

14 video lessons, which are a continuation of HEFAT training, conducted monthly by trainers of the 2402 Fund and created with the financial support of the Czech organization People in Need as part of the SOS Ukraine initiative, are available on YouTube.

We filmed a series of videos unpacking car first aid kits together with our tactical medicine trainers - MotoHelp instructors.

Another new video project from the 2402 Fund calls for a responsible attitude regarding personal safety and the safety of those around you when the probability of injuries and injuries is higher than ever. In five videos, we will show what is in the stocked car first aid kits you can buy at the supermarket and whether it will help provide first aid to the victim. Spoiler: no!

Therefore, we will also tell you how to assemble the correct "working" car first aid kit, what must be in it, and in which critical situations each component is used. Unboxings will be released every Thursday on the 2402 Fund YouTube channel.

A new silent 10 kW diesel generator was handed over to the editors of the "Apostrophe" publication.

Thanks to our friends Saint Javelin, who helped with the generator, colleagues from "Apostrophe" received personal, uninterrupted power supply during a total blackout and the work.

More than 30 sets of bulletproof vests and helmets and about 50 fully equipped first-aid kits were handed over to Ukrainian journalists.

As well as power banks, tactical flashlights, heaters, and other small equipment and tools for working in harsh conditions where the media workers found themselves this dark and cold winter.

We launched a cozy Telegram channel for the 2402 Fund community.

This is a space for media professionals who have undergone HEFAT training or received any other support or assistance from the Fond. Colleagues and some have even become friends, can ask for advice here, share experiences, learn about new opportunities, and get relevant and valuable information about security, protection, and work in a hostile environment. This community is where journalists' opinions are heard, needs are considered, and opportunities are sought to satisfy them.

Want to get involved? Link.

The main priority of the 2402 Fund is to hear and satisfy the needs of Ukrainian journalists. Therefore, remember that you can always contact us with any questions on and social networks. And we will do everything to help you.