Journalism Emergency Fund for Ukraine.
Our mission is to hear, satisfy and relay the needs of journalists in Ukraine in terms of safety, information, equipment, and support. Act as a representative of interests and lobby for global changes concerning the profession. We support those brave boys and girls who make this war visible. Here's what we do
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What we do for journalists
  • We helped
    More than 400 recipients received assistance from the Fund on 24.02. Of these, 20+ editorial offices of Ukrainian publications were provided with bulletproof vests and helmets, about 100 freelance journalists received PPE, and more than 80 media personnel underwent HEFAT training and received personal tactical first-aid kits. The 24.02 Fund provided financial support for the treatment of two injured journalists and assisted in the evacuation of several families of reporters.
  • HEFAT trainings
    We conduct regular large-scale HEFAT trainings on tactical medicine, combat survival, risk assessment, and digital security. We train journalists to stop bleeding, examine a wounded person according to the MARCH protocol, emergency evacuation from under fire, mine safety, and orientation in a dangerous area. We provide each training participant with an individual first-aid kit.
  • PPEs
    We provide bulletproof vests and helmets for the safety of Ukrainian journalists for FREE. To date, more than 230 PPE kits have been purchased/received and passed.
  • IFAKs
    We provide best first-aid kits from North American Rescue or SAM equipped according to TCCC standards.
  • Satellite communication
    We make sure that journalists always stay in touch. 24.02 Fund provides Iridium satellite phones and Zoleo communicators to newsrooms and freelancers.
  • Evacuation and risk-assessments
    In coordination with experts and law enforcement agencies, in complete secrecy if needed.
Life-Saving Training
The 2402 Fund created a practical video course on tactical medicine and security according to the standards of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee of the US DoD.

Compliance with the recommendations outlined in the course will help save the lives of media workers and their colleagues working in the war zone.
These three basic rules will help to avoid hypothermia the victim.
In one day Ukrainian journalists turned into war reporters.
Losses among journalists since February 24, 2022:
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The freedom needs eyes
Most Ukrainian reporters don't have access to protective equipment
such as body armour or blood-stopping devices.
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Meet Our Team
  • Roman Stepanovych
    Lead, co-founder
    Roman has co-founded 24.02 Fund and Zaborona. He is the Ukrainian media manager and producer. Formerly producer for VICE, ABC, PBS and AP. Peabody and NPC Awardee.
  • Katerina Sergatskova
    Co-founder, strategic communications
    Katya has co-founded 24.02 Fund and Zaborona. She's the Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter and editor-in-chief of Zaborona, frequent contributor for The Guardian and The Times. Kurt Shork and FPA Awardee.
  • Mykola Dondiuk
    Researcher, logistics
    Freelance cameraman and documentary director. Previously contributed to Suspilne, Hromadske, Zaborona, ABC News, Zinc, CBC.
  • Nataliia Roslik
    Financial operations
    More than 12 years of experience in fundraising and operations of domestic and international non-profit sector aimed at developing sustainability of inclusive healthcare and media. Formerly operations manager and fundraiser for Hromadske and 100%LIFE.
  • Olha
    Public relations
    10 years in digital communications in media, digital supervision of the major Ukrainian TV shows and cinema distribution.
  • Liza Beliavtseva
    Client management
    Humanitarian aid and law specialist. More than 6 years of experience in a variety of humanitarian needs, emergencies and public health. She combines her work with volunteering for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. Formerly managing officer with Ukrainian Red Cross Society and USAID programs in Ukraine.
  • Volodymyr Fomichenko-Zakutskyi
    Digital Marketing
    More than 10 years in digital marketing in the new media. Foremrly CMO in Zaborona Media.
Fund experts
  • Anton Skyba
    2402 Fund consultant, risk assessment trainer
    Content producer and consultant in hostile environments since 2014. Clients portfolio include CNN, BBC, AJE, The Globe and Mail, WHO, FHI360 etc.
    Advises media organizations and NGOs on building, implementation and maintenance of the security frameworks, risk assessment, and continuity planning of operational cycles in hostile/high volatile environments.
  • Dmytro Hladyshevskyi
    Tactical medicine trainer
    Instructor in first aid and tactical medicine. Before the full-scale invasion, he was a rescue volunteer of the NGO Motohelp since 2015. Qualification Combat Medic / Corpsman Provider. Since 2018, he has been conducting regular first-aid training for the public of Kyiv. Since March 2022, it has been working on training in tactical medicine for employees of the Armed Forces and unique services.
  • "Tygra"
    Tactical medicine trainer
    Health instructor of the First International Legion of Ukraine. Before the full-scale invasion, she was a volunteer of the MotoHelp charitable and rescue organizations and the Rapid Response Unit of the National Committee of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine. Instructor in pre-medical care since 2019.
  • Iryna Chulivska
    Digital security trainer
    Co-founder and member of the board of the NGO "Laboratory of Digital Security." For more than 7 years, he has been working with Ukrainian journalists and human rights defenders to improve their digital security: he conducts training, personal and organizational consultations, and security audits of organizations.
As seen in media
2402 Fund was established after the full-scale invasion of russia in Ukraine.

We raise money to procure and provide PPEs for fellow journalists and newsrooms around Ukraine - bulletproof vests, helmets, first aid kits, gas masks, and means of communication. We help evacuate journalists and/or their families to safer places. Every media worker or organization can leave their application as needed - we process all requests and send equipment ourselves from Lviv, Ukraine.

2402 Fund is operated by ZABORONA MEDIA EUROPE, a non-profit foundation in Tallinn, Estonia.
Fell free to contact us. We are open for all types of collaboration.

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24.02 FUND
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