«First aid kits that save or kill?»
The 2402 Fund launches a series of video unboxing of car first aid kits

The 2402 Fund created a series of video unpackings of stocked car first aid kits offered by Ukrainian supermarkets.
In each video, certified medical aid instructors will consider one imaginary situation with a set of different types of injuries and try to apply to them several different components and manufacturers of first-aid kits in the same price segment.

The heroes of the video will not only show what is in the completed first-aid kits from the store and find out whether it will help to provide first aid to the victim but also tell how to assemble the same correct "working" first-aid kit that everyone should have in the car. Viewers receive full-fledged practical instructions and a complete list of mandatory medical supplies, supplemented by explanations of which critical situations each of them is used.
This knowledge will help to think critically in dangerous situations, assemble an individual first aid kit according to needs, and not rely on the question of saving life from the mass market.
Unpacking was done by certified trainers — instructors in first aid and tactical medicine, MotoHelp volunteers Dmytro Gladyshevskyi and Serhiy Efimchuk. A training course created within the HEFAT framework, conducted monthly by trainers of the 2402 Fund.
The first unboxing video is available for free on the YouTube channel. Each subsequent series will be released every Thursday.
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This is life-saving training!