Training for journalists:
work in war conditions

Training that saves lives!
HEFAT (Hostile Environment and First Aid Training) from the 2402 Foundation is a basic safety course for Ukrainians living and working in war conditions. The theoretical and practical knowledge presented in the course will help save your life or those close to you.

To register for the training, please fill out the form.
Or contact the coordinator of educational programs of the 2402 Foundation:
+38 093 717 91 19 (Olga)

The basic security course is free and
is carried out thanks to donations and the support of donor organizations.

Key blocks of training
Basic security HEFAT training for journalists from the 2402 Foundation includes six main topics:

Tactical and medical training of Ukrainian journalists is necessary for their safety.
Just like a bulletproof vest or a helmet.

What will you get after completing the training?
  • You will can apply a tourniquet in 60 seconds
    You will practice applying a high-quality tourniquet to yourself or a colleague
  • You will be able to examine the injured person according to the MARCH protocol
    Identify injuries and provide first aid
  • You will receive a risk assessment checklist
    And you will know how to use it when preparing for a trip
  • Training certificate
    Which is accepted by most newsrooms around the world to obtain insurance
  • You will receive a complete tactical first-aid kit
    Which includes a tourniquet, an occlusive sticker, an Israeli bandage, a thermal blanket, a hemostatic bandage, and other necessary components for the provision of emergency medical care
Your safety is our priority!