A Guide For Editors Published: How To Ensure Resilience And Support Journalists In Ukraine
A guide for editors and media managers: supporting journalists in crisis situations
How can journalists ensure resilience and professionalism in crisis situations? This is the subject of a practical guide for editors and news managers prepared by experts from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma and the ACOS Alliance, based on the experience of experts, journalists, and editors living and working in Ukraine.

"Leading Resilience" is a guide for editors and news managers working with journalists in Ukraine. It offers practical measures that news organizations can take to support their staff during a full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine.

"In covering this war, Ukrainian journalists and media organizations have shown impressive levels of resilience and innovation," the guide's authors write. - "Journalists have managed to hold steady and continue to publish the news, counter Russian disinformation, and investigate war crimes with unprecedented responsiveness and depth."

This guide aims to offer concise definitions of what psychological trauma is and how it affects journalistic work. It also seeks to consolidate key ideas in one place so editors and news managers have a resource that will assist them in planning and newsroom crisis response.

Among the experts who contributed to the manual are Yevheniia Motorevska, Head of War Crimes Investigations at Kyiv Independent, Inna Biletska, Chief Investigations Editor at Suspilne, Yulia Bankova, Editor-in-Chief of Liga.net, Kateryna Sergatskova, Co-founder of 2402 Foundation and journalist covering military conflicts, Natalia Humeniuk, Editor of The Reckoning Project and war journalist, and others.

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma is a resource center and international network of journalists, journalism educators, and health professionals working to improve media coverage of trauma, conflict, and tragedy. It is a project of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York.

The ACOS Alliance (A Culture Of Safety Alliance) is a unique global coalition of 150+ news organizations, journalist associations, and press freedom NGOs working together to champion safe and responsible journalism practices. The Alliance's mission is to embed a culture of safety within journalism so that independent media and journalists globally can play their essential role in upholding democracy.

2402 Foundation is a member of the ACOS Alliance and aims to develop a safety culture in Ukraine and beyond.
You can download the manual in Ukrainian and English here: https://www.acosalliance.org/trauma-management-for-editors
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