The first HEFAT training for civic actors took place in Kyiv
Ukrainian volunteers, civic activists and war crimes documenters met the first spring sun at the 2402 Foundation HEFAT (Hostile Environment and First Aid Training).
On March 8th, training participants learned to protect yourself in the digital environment and essential information on digital media with co-founder and member of the board of the NGO "Laboratory of Digital Security" Iryna Chulivska. The second half of the day was devoted to risk assessment before traveling to and directly in a hostile environment. Co-founder of Fund 2402 and the Danish non-profit organization Daily Humanity, media manager Roman Stepanovych explained how to protect when going to work in war zones.
During the next two days, the participants learned about stoping bleeding, applying tourniquets, examining a wounded person according to the MARCH protocol, emergency evacuation of victims under fire and orientation in dangerous terrain and fortifications, as well as put the acquired knowledge into practice. The tactical medicine trainers of the 2402 Foundation Dmytro Gladyshevskyi and Serhiy Yefimchuk and trainers from the "Shield" organization were responsible for this.
Invest your time and effort in safety, together we will make our society more resilient, conscious and aware
We thank all participants for their hard work and attention to details. We thank our trainers for the invaluable knowledge and experience.

And for financial support, we are grateful to our partners - the Czech non-profit organization People in Need.
This month the next 2402 Foundation HEFAT is waiting for you.
Stay tuned and follow the announcements!
The main goal of the 2402 Foundation for the next year is to teach how to survive in difficult conditions and make safety knowledge and skills a fundamental value for everyone who lives and works in Ukraine. We plan to train at least 100 people every month out of 1200 people annually.

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