The last hot weekend of summer at the 2402 Foundation was spent training
For three days, thirty Ukrainian journalists learned how to save lives, assess risks, prevent critical situations, quickly find a way out, and work in a team. Under the scorching sun, in the smoke of explosions, in narrow trenches and abandoned buildings, they made decisions every second on which the lives of their colleagues depended. They examined the wounded, applied tourniquets and bandages, evacuated each other under fire, and performed editorial tasks.
The basic three-day HEFAT training of the 2402 Foundation is not only about survival skills and working in a hostile environment but also about a conscious attitude to your safety and those around you. It's about responsibility and a different way of thinking. It's about the team. And this August training in Kyiv is no exception - thirty unfamiliar journalists turned into a united team of close colleagues in three days.
We are grateful to the participants for their dedicated work and grateful to our colleagues for their experience and professionalism. Thanks to our partners, Free Press Unlimited, for the quality tactical first aid kits and the Rory Peck Trust, without whom this training would not be possible.

Stay tuned for announcements of our following events. We prepare a lot of useful and interesting things.