This year's first three-day HEFAT training for media workers took place
The other day, the first three-day HEFAT training for media workers covering the horrors of war took place this year. 3 days, 30 journalists, and 30 hours of intensive training in tactical medicine, evacuation, mine safety, and lectures on risk assessment and digital security.
We aim to provide every Ukrainian journalist with knowledge, skills, and armor protection.
Thirty Ukrainian photo and video journalists, reporters, fixers, and editors are now equipped with fully equipped tactical first-aid kits and know how to use them; they will be able to provide first aid to themselves and their colleagues, evacuate from under fire, distinguish types of mines and avoid them. And what is no less important is that media workers will correctly assess the risks before going to a combat zone and reliably protect important information on digital media.
We thank everyone who has dedicated their time to life-saving education. Thanks to our trainers and friends Anton Skiba, MotoHelp, and Digital Security Laboratory for the experience, and Free Press Unlimited partners for cool first aid kits!

Stay tuned for announcements of our following events for journalists. We prepare a lot of useful and interesting things.