2402 Foundation invites you to take part in a security workshop using VR
On May 23, at the IPI World Congress in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the founders of the 2402 Foundation, Kateryna Sergatskova and Roman Stepanovych, will hold a workshop on risk assessment using VR technologies

The trainers will share their experience in conducting a risk assessment training using the VR module from Head Set Immersive and skills in focusing on the threats, risks and security situations faced by journalists working with controversial topics and sensitive content in a hostile environment.

"The workshop and its participants will become a direct part of the networking to share experiences, find new solutions and critically analyze the role of the media in solving the great crises of our time", — Roman Stepanovych.

"We strive to minimize the risk of confusion, loss of control, feelings of helplessness or defenselessness in a critical situation. Thanks to VR training, journalists will gain the necessary experience to make quick and ethical decisions. This is vital for the safety of media workers" — Kateryna Sergatskova

To register, follow the link:


Kateryna Sergatskova
Co-founder of the 2402 Foundation (Ukraine) and Daily Humanity (Denmark). Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter and co-founder of the Ukrainian publication Zaborona. She has been awarded the Kurt Shork Award, Free Media Awards and others.

Roman Stepanovych
Co-founder of the 2402 Foundation (Ukraine) and Daily Humanity (Denmark). Media manager, video producer, co-founder and CEO of Zaborona. He has worked as a producer for VICE, PBS and AP. He has received a Peabody Award and an American National Press Club award.
The main goal of the 2402 Foundation is to teach how to survive in difficult conditions and make safety knowledge and skills a fundamental value for everyone who lives and works in Ukraine. We have launched a large-scale fundraiser to purchase 400 first aid kits for Ukrainian journalists!
The amount of money raised is $60,000. Join the great mission!

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